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  • New Client appointment 90 minute session= $110
  • Returning client appointment 60 minute session= $80
  • Returning client appointment 75 minute session= $95
  • Returning client appointment 90 minute session= $110

Ways to save while you receive:

  • Refer a new client and receive $10 off your next session
  • Purchase 3 bodywork sessions (60 minute minimum) and receive $15 off your package price.
  • Sliding scale fee offerings are available starting at $40.

Payment options include: cash, check and credit cards processed through PayPal

Recommendations for your bodywork session:

  • wear comfortable clothing that is not restrictive such as yoga or exercise clothing (all sessions are completed while fully clothed)
  • bring socks to wear at your session
  • take a few minutes prior to each session to check in with your goals for the session.  You can review the Body, Mind, Life check-in tool prior to your session to help establish short and longer term goals.

​Conditions which may benefit from bodywork therapy:

  • chronic pain and tension in joints, muscles and connective tissues
  • TMJ syndrome
  • migraines
  • anxiety
  • ADHD and sensory processing disorders
  • insomnia

​​ReLeaf Bodywork Therapy​