Has your life been effected by: 

  • Chronic pain, injury or trauma?
  • Tight, uncomfortable muscles?
  • Anxiety and an inability to relax and feel comfortable in your body?

​At ReLeaf Bodywork Therapy clients seek support for challenges that impact their quality of life. Challenges may include chronic pain, tension and anxiety that limit daily activities, deplete energy and diminish physical, emotional and mental functioning.  Challenges may also include life changes such as entering school, transitioning to a new career, retirement or changes within a family or social group.

Experiences that occur in our environment and our life are reflected within our body.

Therapeutic bodywork including Acupressure, Craniosacral and Zero Balancing are designed to reduce symptoms and facilitate greater self-awareness.  These skilled touch therapies allow us to feel where we hold tension, observe how our body is aligned and discover how these patterns may be connected to thoughts, life challenges and stress levels.

What to Expect at your ReLeaf Bodywork session:

1) ​Evaluate and discuss patterns which may be connected to your symptoms.

2) Observe and evaluate posture, alignment and overall body tension.

3) Receive skilled hands-on therapy designed to address symptoms.

4) Receive practitioner review of session and offer client feedback.

5) Set goals, receive self-care instruction and follow-up plan.

Schedule your session today:

  • ​​Experience a healing, meditative calm and a more balanced nervous system.​

  • ​Gain insight into how pain and tension patterns are formed and experience how your body can relearn more functional patterns. ​

  • Expand your self-awareness and learn self-care techniques.​


Schedule online or by contacting Lisa at LMTennant@tds.net or



​​ReLeaf Bodywork Therapy​


ReLeaf Bodywork is now offering Process Acupressure in order to more fully support your growth process.  PA is a new holistic method for understanding and processing who we are, how our individual growth process operates in the body/mind/emotional/soul matrix, and how we live from these.

Process Acupressure teaches how to more deeply understand oneself and others, and to promote self-revealed growth.  PA applies principles of traditional acupressure, Zero Balancing and chakra energy work.  It is based on knowledge of the body's energy systems, meridians and chakras, as access windows into the body's current process. 

In addition, Process Acupressure applies principles and techniques of various psychological modalities including Process Work by Dr. Arnold Mindell.  Process Work shifts attention from theory and interpretation of what should or could be, to direct observation of what is trying to occur in the person's natural development.  PA teaches how to become aware of, encourage and promote your growth process.

Lisa welcomes the opportunity to work with you on your growth journey. ​

" Lisa is a healer.  She brings care, attention, dedication, and warmth to her work.  
She listens deeply to the body, bringing forth our own innate abilities to heal.  I just ​love my sessions with her- they leave me transformed."

C.M., Acupuncturist

Nurturing physical and emotional wellness through hands-on body/mind therapy